US-Diaries #1: Discovering Chicago. 

Hi guys!
So, those who follow me on instagram will already have noticed: vacation-time! I’m visiting my awesome friends Ewa and Laurens in Chicago. You wanna have a look at my first day? 

I landed on Wednesday evening after a very very bumpy flight. Apparently they closed down the AirPort later on because of the bad weather, so I got lucky!
Next day, I felt a bit tired. Time difference, the travel, it got to me, so I decided to take it slow. First up: discovering the neighbourhood I would be staying in. 

I love it. I absolutely love it. It’s an amazing neighbourhood and everyone is just so nice. I just walked around randomly, not really needing to go anywhere. Feels so weird, and nice at the same time. :)
For lunch, Ewa and Laurens took me to Pottbelly’s and sweet lord those hot sandwiches. It was SO GOOD. I even forgot to take a picture, I mean. That says it all, right?

Time to go downtown! I had no clue what to expect of Chicago, but my first impression was already a big win. And then I arrived downtown.

It wasn’t intentional, but I ended up at the Magnificent Mile, Michigan Avenue, which you could say is like Chicago’s Fifth Avenue. Gorgeous buildings, supercute stores. 

Yes. No, not planned. Happy nonetheless. ^^

Youthberry White Tea granita. Apparently I got lucky, because they only start serving these after 3PM, it’s part of the Sunset Menu. Super refreshing and so yummy!

Pedicure time. ^^ I never really had one, and it is awesome. Might need to do this more often! 

And that’s day one done. We’re going to Washington DC, so time for sleeps!

Have a good euhm. Day, night, whenever you’re reading this! ^^