Stephniie travels: Lisbon (Watch your step!)

No real travel diary (yet?) but just a little impression of this beautiful city. I spent a day roaming around on my own today, and was browsing the picture I took. One thing seemed to be a constant: stairs. So many stairs. 

One thing you don’t need here? A gym membership. Seriously. 

Lisbon is absolutely beautiful, and if you guys want, I can share more on what to see and what to do, but right now I want to warn you: STAIRS.

It has it charm, obviously. They add a whole new level to walking. 

More? Hy-stair-ical. 

Taking some time off from walking for some yoga, because y’all better know about my new motto: #yogagoddamneverywhere. Anyone wanna join? ^^

Onwards and upwards! 

And now: time for a shower, I need it. Some well-deserved, I think. 

OOTD #87: Winter is coming.

Hi guys!

Can you believe it, an outfit-update. It’s such a special occurance lately, me wearing anything except all black (work work work) or yogaleggings (because so comfy AND YES LEGGINGS ARE PANTS).

This one is an Indian Summer one, a fun tanktop in the most gorgeous colour and jeans, to go to a BBQ. Sunday we had some stunning fall-weather and during the day we had awesome sunshine. It cools down so quickly now though, so I went prepared. I recently found this supersoft cuddly sweater at Zara and couldn’t wait to wear it.


Ok, I need to get back at taking decent pictures of my outfits, this aren’t my finest, but you know. I took them just in case the urge to share would finally return. Not entirely sure what’s going on but let’s just go with it.


I kinda really wish Summer wasn’t over yet?

Have a good day!

x. Stephanie

Yoga-challenge: Upended Asanas

On Instagram I tend to jump into a lot of challenges, because they are so much fun!

– You get to learn so many new accounts and people.

– You get challenged to try new things, all within your own limits. You just adjust the poses to what works for you.

– It challenges me to find a way to move, what on some days is the hardest thing for me to achieve. Having to post the picture often pushes me to go outside and move around. 

– Helping eachother out is so much fun. I often ask for tips of how to improve, and people start sharing with you. Love it!

Ok so, on to this one. I just finished the #upendedasanas challenge and I thought it would be a fun post to share the entire challenge on here!

So, when you start a challenge, you share the flyer that has the hosts and sponsors on there. This way you announce that you’re joining.

DAY 1 • Straight up

DAY 2 • stag

DAY 3 • tree pose

DAY 4 • Butterfly

DAY 5 • Lady Legs

DAY 6 • Straddle

DAY 7 • twisted

DAY 8 • Bow and Arrow

DAY 9 • Teapot

DAY 10 • Scorpion

A lot of new poses for me, or more like: I never tried them. My headstand is becoming quite reliable, though it still needs work. Inverting everyday, even for a few minutes, gave me so much progress! Now I just have to keep it up… My goal this year, by the end of the year, was to be able to freestand handstand. There’s still a lot of work to be done. ???? Progress though! Practice and all will come. ^^

Have a good day!

X. Stephanie


Hi guys!

Don’t fall of your chairs, I’m still alive and kicking. Well. Alive. Kicking not always. 

It’s been a while and I apologize. The past year has been one filled with new things and a lot of adjustments. For those not following me on IG might not know that since December 2016 I got a new job.

I’d been home for a long time after my back-injury, struggling with my back, my chronic migraine and anxiety. But, now I’m a KCR (Kiehl’s Customer Representative) and it’s such a fun job! It’s parttime so I still have enough time to rest and keep up with my yoga.

Yoga does wonders for my back, but I need to keep it up. I noticed when I let it slide for a bit, my backproblems would start getting worse again. Weird, right? But it’s a good incentive for me to keep moving. ^^
More updates, let me think. We’re still trying to figure out a way to deal with my chronic migraines. It’s very much up and down and I’m exhausted a lot of the time. I sleep a lot. 

Oh! And the one I almost forgot is the one that’s gonna have the biggest impact: I bought an appartment! They’re still building it, so it’s gonna be a few months before I’ll be able to move in, and OMG, patience is not my strong suit! ????
Anyway, there you go, quick update! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to know, or is there anything you want me to share? Shoot!

Thanks for reading!