About me.



So. Whatever to say… I’m not sure, so if I think of anything else, I’ll put it right here. If there’s anything you think would be interesting, ask!

This blog is a reflection of me. As the title says: it’s a kind of diary. Whatever I like, I do or I find I will post here. I have a weakness where nail polishes are concerned. I’m your not your typical kind of girlie girl. I love fashion and make up but I’m also a Harry Potter, Star Wars loving geek. This makes for a hotchpotch of articles, keeping my readers interested.

I talk too much. I am messy (as in, I have a problem with keeping my, well any actually, room tidy. I have been working on that!) I’m a hopeless romantic.

♥ Reading. When I’m reading, there’s really nothing to be done, I’m in my own world and that’s where I want to be. Reading time is my time.

Movies. I watch a lot of movies, whether good or bad, I have to watch the entire film. I just can’t stop watching, however bad the movie is. Unless it’s horror. I hate horror.

New York. London (again ♥). San Francisco. Grand Canyon.
There’s a lot of places to see, I hope that one day I’ll have the time (and well. Money) to travel and see the rest of the world. I’ve been to quite a lot of places already, but never enough I geuss? Currently highest on my wishlist? A roadtrip on the West Coast of the US. San Diego, Las Vegas, San Fran, … Some day!

Anyway… You see. I talk to much! Dammit ^^

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