Bye, 2013.

It’s been a weird year. Really weird. Looking back, it was a mixture of fun and pain, of losing and gaining. Maybe that’s always the case but this year, it just feels so much more intense. I’m sitting here in my couch, 31st of December 2013 writing this  blogpost and thinking about what to say. I presume this post to be a bit more for myself than something for all of you, but please, feel free to read on and share your experiences!

Moemoe went to live with the stars. That’s how our little cousins (well, the kids of my cousins) say it, and honestly, I think it’s a very sweet and nice way of explaining what happened. Also. She is and will always be our star, so tonight, when watching the fireworks, I’ll look for the brightest, most beautiful star and throw up a big kiss.


I’m not a student anymore. This year is the year that I finished/stopped studying. And though I do feel it was the best decision for me, it still feels weird. After all these years, quite literally all my life, being a student, learning and studying, it’s just not there anymore. I feel now, after a few months, that I’m finding pleasure again in reading about linguistics, and reading books other than the YA stuff. I’m still a bit confused and feel guilty whenever I think it fun to look up the origin of a specific word, or when I look for something like ‘heirkracht’. Something about standaardtaal, and dialects and I think it of it as fun, but why wouldn’t studying it (what I was doing) work out for me?

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I travelled, and travelled. And I loved it. I went to Poland, Italy, USA. (+skiing, two times! <3) Poland for a wedding, two weeks of Italy just because and USA… Well, you can guess, right? I absolutely love travelling and seeing the world, and I love coming home. Hopefully 2014 will show me even more parts of the world. We’ll be starting of in May, NYC, we’ll be seeing you soon!

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Making new friends, meeting new people. Or, rekindling old friendships. Well. I try too. Because of the yukkiness of the past years, my social life was pretty much non-existent. 2013 gave me the opportunity to try and go out more, to enjoy myself more and as a result, to have more fun with friends. This is a good thing. And hopefully, 2014 I’ll be able to keep on going!

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It was the year I finally started my blog. I’ve been thinking about it for so long, but I never took the plunge. After leaving university, it just kinda felt like I had to find a new outlet, and since I’m a linguistics, well, was, a linguistics student I always felt the urge to write. It made sense then, to start blogging and sharing whatever with the interwebs. So far, I love it and I hope I’ll keep on loving it. And that I will keep on having the time and inspiration to continue writing on.

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There’s a lot more, but I think these are pretty much the highlights of the past year. I’m curious now, how did your year go? Anything you think: I want the world to know about this. Please feel free to share in the comments, because I honestly am quite curious!

Happy New Year, my dearest readers!Big kisses,

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  1. Ik heb het jaar ook afgesloten met gemengde gevoelens. Ik ben getrouwd en heb op liefdesvlak een topjaar gehad, maar er zijn wel wat andere dingen die ik graag veranderd wil zien tegen volgend jaar. Hopelijk wordt 2014 voor ons allebei een toppertje ;-). Gelukkig nieuwjaar!

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