Christmas-favourites Tag.

Hi, sweets!

First off: MERRY CHRISTMAS! Bring on the presents. Wait, ahum. Bring on the food! No, that’s not it… Bring on the family happiness! (That’s acceptable, right?)

Nepal Bow - Happy Christmas

Because today is a holiday, I’m being lazy and I’m making a Christmas tag. Nothing to hard nor to original, but hey. It’s Christmas. Time of forgiveness and all that, so y’all better forgive me for being a lazy donkey.

Favourite Christmas…?

Song: Sleigh Ride by Fun. I know it’s not originally theirs and all that, but I mean. It’s awesome! I love it. I bought the entire CD on iTunes, because it’s actually really fun (See what I did there?). The Civil Wars, Paul McCartney, … It’s all on there. But, for now, my favourite!

Movie: Hmm, this one is tough. I think it might be Sissi… Or maybe ‘Singin in the rain’-style movies. You know, the old musical movies. Ooh, and what about the Wizard of Oz? And of course: Love, Actually. I love Love, Actually. Family movies are always a good way to go. Honestly? I don’t really have one explicit favourite. I just like all the cozy, warm-fuzzy films.

Gift: Well. I don’t know yet, do I? I have some really fun gifts for my family that I hope they will be happy with, and then I had a little list so… I’m always a happy cat whenever I get a new iPhone cover? Ooor handbags. I love handbags. And jewellery. Armparties ftw! So, I’ll update y’all later about what my favourite gift was. 😉

Thing: By thing I mean, whatever you like best about Christmas. And my favourite part? All the lights. I love lights. And the only time it’s acceptable to have a room tsjok full with lightgarlands is Christmas. Though. Ok, so I leave them up all year round, but whatever. Now the rest of the house is decked out as well, so EVEN MORE LIGHTSIES.

Ornament: Tough choices! But my current favourite has to be the gingerbread-dude. I bought this one for my mum a couple of years ago, in the Christmas department of Harrod’s. I also bought a gingerbreadgirlie, so we have a matching pair.



So, what are your favourites? Let me know!

Merry Christmas, enjoy!

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  1. OH. MY. GOD. We moeten een Sissi-marathon doen ;-). Da’s één van mijn favoriete films van vroeger, al link ik het niet meteen aan Kerstmis. Wij hadden die drie films vroeger op video, en ik keek er altijd naar als ik ziek was. Nostalgie!

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