KISSny14: Doggies of NYC.

Hi guys!

I love dogs, and most of you probably know that by now. Someday I’ll have my own little doggie! ^^ Next best thing? Cuddling and spotting other doggies. And you know what? There’s a lot of them in NYC! ^^


Hihi, look at this cutie. What made us ‘ooooh’ and ‘aaaah’ the most? His little booties! He looked so clean, so his boss put him in some boots to make sure his pawsies keep clean. Ha! ^^



This sweetheart i spotted when we were walking to Battery Park. I didn’t ask for its name, but I just kneeled down and the dog came running towards me for cuddles and scratches. Just look how sweet!



Okay, now. This one. Not the best yet, saving the best for last, but just look at his little face! He kinda looks like a little teddybear or something A little pomeranian a la Boo, just a different colouring. Me likey those cuties.




Boom. Pomeranians are very very popular in NYC. Cuuute, I must say, but I’m not entirely sure they beat my all-time faves… No, you know, I’m actually sure they don’t. So maybe I’ll get one, after getting a puggie or a frenchie? ^^



This beauty literally just came back from the doggie salon. Supersoft, and she was showing off. ^^



Meet Norman. Norman is a black puggie and was super well behaved. His owner was so sure I was a puggie owner, but I had to disappoint her by saying that I didn’t yet own one. She assured me that they are the besets, and that if you just give them the right amount of training and attention they really are the bestest.





You guys. This one. This one is the best! First of all. His name. When his owner first called for his attention so I could take a picture, she called him Bacon; And then she went:’ Would you like to pick up Kevin Bacon?’. For a second I didn’t know if I heard her right, but isn’t that the coolest name ever? 😀 His owner was like, he’s really really sweet and he loves hugs, so go ahead, pick him up and I’ll take some pictures. I’m kinda sad I have no idea who she was, because I would have loved to thank her because it really made my day. ^^ Stupid right?

The girls got used to it, but at first they’d be super startled when I spotted a puggie or a dog. Kells would turn around nervously thinking something happened to me, I’m just, i couldn’t contain my joy? ^^


And, just one last one: a magazine when I was in line at Whole Foods, waiting to pay for my foodsies. Whenever I spot pugs, I just can’t help myself. It needs to be photographed.

Anyways. That’s it for my Doggies of NYC. I think that, the next time I’m travelling, I’m going to try and spot some more dogs. Oh, and BTW: I always asked owners for permission to take a picture, always first talked to them and made sure that the dogs were nice and wouldn’t get scared. Owners will mostly feel flattered and good when you ask them, especially over in NY. I think that in Belgium people will react more… Held back, or freaked out. That’s kinda the fun thing over there. You talk to people and they will start an entire conversation, instead of looking at you funny. Me likey!

I hope this was a fun way to start your week. 😉 Enjoy your day!

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