NOTD #10: Understated glitters.

Best of both worlds, I should actually call this. Nude: check. Glitter: check. YES. I know I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably be saying again soon, but for now: this is perfection!

IMG_9495 copy

What you see really depends on the kind of light you’re in. Sometimes it’s just a pretty nude, at other times it’s a sparkle bomb exploding of my nails. Just the way I like it, not too in your face (though, of course, sometimes in your face red/neon/whatever tends to be my favourite so. I’m whimsical!).

IMG_9508 copy

The shimmers are almost see-through. When you hold them in direct sunlight, they’ll kinda dissappear. I find this fascinating, and can’t stop watching my nails. I mean… Is is nude? Is it glitter? I DON’T KNOW! (Well, I do of course, but others might not!)

IMG_9501 copy

How to create these pretty magic nails? OPI Glints of Glinda (Oz collection, 2coats) and As gold as it gets (Essie, 2coats). These two work marvelously together, you wouldn’t say so at first sight but well. I got proof, now don’t I?

IMG_9557 copy

There’s the sparklies again! I like that they’re golden flakies, they’re not perfectly round glittery thingies. The fact that they’re gold makes the polish more warmtoned (more than it already was), which makes it a perfect match with my skincolour. yay!

IMG_9564 copy

Prettiness. Look at how good this tone matches my skintone. I don’t know, I just love how things work out like this sometimes. Just messing around with the polish and bam. It just works! Little things like this can really make a day. ^^

What’s your favourite manicure? Feel free to share!

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