OOTD #55: going for basics.

A quickie today. Why? Because I’m getting sick. Again. I know. Most annoying thing ever! I think I might need to blame the weather for this one. Glorious sunshine one day, pouring rain the other… No wonder my inner euhm. My health-thing is all messed up.


This outfit is one of the ‘sunshine-day’ outfits. I took out my trusted Converse, after a kind of winter break. My newbie Boyfriend jeans is yet again making an appearance. It’s just so comfy, so please, forgive the redundancy. (It’s Hollister, btw. For those who don’t know yet. You know. Those people still might exist.)


This shirt is a white one. Yep. Normally I don’t wear white shirts but well. It’s coverd in the little stud-thingies. And did you notice what they spell out? Yep x 2. New York Cityyyyy! I bought this shirt last summer in the American Eagle store on Times Square. The countdown for my return to the big apple is on. ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. Just over a month and a half left. And, during that time our family is going skiing for a week so ALMOST THERE.


I hope real summer gets here really soon because I’m not putting away my Converse again. Nor my t-shirts, rolled up jeans or short sockies. Not happening, y’all. Also. I’m so much better at keeping my sportsie routine when the sun is shining so SHINE.

What do you think, too basic, or still good enough to wander outdoors with? ^^
Have a lovely evening, sweets!

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