Veronica Roth – Divergent Trilogy


I’ve been asked a couple of times now if I could recommend some other books. If you like The Hunger Games and the Maze Runner, this series is one for you. The coolest thing? You can read’em and then look forward to the movie-version coming out this year. For some reason, I always like that as an extra incentive to read a book. It must be good if they put it into a movie, right? I’ve read this a while ago, when the series wasn’t even finished, but now, there’s three books. Did I get you curious? Read on, I’d say!

The plot? I’ll try not to give to much away, but I need to get y’all curious, right? ^^


So, Divergent takes place in the future, after wars and civil uprisings practically destroyed the world. To keep the peace, people get sorted/divided into diverent factions, through different virtues, namely:

– Abnegation: the faction for the selfless
– Amity: the faction meant for the peaceful
– Candor: meant for those who find honesty most important
– Dauntless: for the most brave and fearless of people
– Erudite: the faction for those who value knowledge above anything else.

When a teenager turns 16, they will have to take an aptitude test to find out to which faction they are best suited. Things aren’t set in stone, so one is allowed to chose its favourite faction but well. It’s either chosing what you like, or staying with your family.

Beatrice (Tris) is born into Abnegation, but she isn’t as selfless as her parents and has this feeling of not fitting in. Well. We can all guess what happens next, I think? I’ll stop talking here because well. I can’t very well just tell the whole story, can I? Well. I can, of course, allthough I really shouldn’t.

It’s not just a tale about a girl not fitting in, it really is about an alternative society and its effects. I like these kind of books because they make you think about your own situation. They give you kind of an alternate universe, how everything could actually be if things go very wrong. This kind of dystopian novels really get to me, everytime I read another one. The story itself might not be the most original, unique one out there, but the way it is written, the way the characters develop makes it pretty unique. We have a load of likeable protagonists with whom identifying comes easy. Tris is a girl who wants to do everything to fight for her right for freedom but does so through fighting and overcoming her own fears. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?

Four is your typical bad guy, who every girl falls for. Handsome and rugged (haha, Castle, anyone? ^^), and loyal to the bone. What I love most about him is how much he evolves in the three books. I hate it when books and characters start off full of promise, but don’t really fullfill it. This is not the case with Four (or Tris, for that matter).

Be warned though, you will cry. This is not a pretty, sweet book. It will pull you in, it will make you feel whatever Tris feels, or Four, and it will have you feeling sad and down once in a while. It is very very worth it though. It sucks you in and you won’t wanna put it down. I practically read through the night, finishing the first one in one go. So if you start reading, make sure you won’t be interrupted, because you’ll want to keep on reading!

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And stating the obvious here, but this is the movie poster. My brother just informed me that the movie will be premiering during the easter holidays, so, avant première here I come!

Read, read, read, sweethearts! Because this is really a good one. Have a glorious daaaay! ^^



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