Stephniie travels: Lisbon (Watch your step!)

No real travel diary (yet?) but just a little impression of this beautiful city. I spent a day roaming around on my own today, and was browsing the picture I took. One thing seemed to be a constant: stairs. So many stairs. 

One thing you don’t need here? A gym membership. Seriously. 

Lisbon is absolutely beautiful, and if you guys want, I can share more on what to see and what to do, but right now I want to warn you: STAIRS.

It has it charm, obviously. They add a whole new level to walking. 

More? Hy-stair-ical. 

Taking some time off from walking for some yoga, because y’all better know about my new motto: #yogagoddamneverywhere. Anyone wanna join? ^^

Onwards and upwards! 

And now: time for a shower, I need it. Some well-deserved, I think. 

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