Christmas-favourites Tag.

Hi, sweets!

First off: MERRY CHRISTMAS! Bring on the presents. Wait, ahum. Bring on the food! No, that’s not it… Bring on the family happiness! (That’s acceptable, right?)

Nepal Bow - Happy Christmas

Because today is a holiday, I’m being lazy and I’m making a Christmas tag. Nothing to hard nor to original, but hey. It’s Christmas. Time of forgiveness and all that, so y’all better forgive me for being a lazy donkey.

Favourite Christmas…?

Song: Sleigh Ride by Fun. I know it’s not originally theirs and all that, but I mean. It’s awesome! I love it. I bought the entire CD on iTunes, because it’s actually really fun (See what I did there?). The Civil Wars, Paul McCartney, … It’s all on there. But, for now, my favourite!

Movie: Hmm, this one is tough. I think it might be Sissi… Or maybe ‘Singin in the rain’-style movies. You know, the old musical movies. Ooh, and what about the Wizard of Oz? And of course: Love, Actually. I love Love, Actually. Family movies are always a good way to go. Honestly? I don’t really have one explicit favourite. I just like all the cozy, warm-fuzzy films.

Gift: Well. I don’t know yet, do I? I have some really fun gifts for my family that I hope they will be happy with, and then I had a little list so… I’m always a happy cat whenever I get a new iPhone cover? Ooor handbags. I love handbags. And jewellery. Armparties ftw! So, I’ll update y’all later about what my favourite gift was. 😉

Thing: By thing I mean, whatever you like best about Christmas. And my favourite part? All the lights. I love lights. And the only time it’s acceptable to have a room tsjok full with lightgarlands is Christmas. Though. Ok, so I leave them up all year round, but whatever. Now the rest of the house is decked out as well, so EVEN MORE LIGHTSIES.

Ornament: Tough choices! But my current favourite has to be the gingerbread-dude. I bought this one for my mum a couple of years ago, in the Christmas department of Harrod’s. I also bought a gingerbreadgirlie, so we have a matching pair.



So, what are your favourites? Let me know!

Merry Christmas, enjoy!