Divergent: The movie.

So, a few weeks ago I told you about the Divergent trilogy. (You don’t remember? Clicky!) I loved reading the books, but as always: whenever they make a movie, I need to see it! I went with Martine and her sister Anne to the avant-première in Antwerp and we loved it.

First off: how about this? It kinda would be the perfect job!



It’s been a few weeks now and all I can think is: I wanna go and see it again! The cast is amazing and although a lot of things got cut, again, it was really good. I have heard people who haven’t yet read the books that it is quite apparent that the director and producers did there best to honour the books, so I’d say that’s a pretty good sign. My brother is one of those few who didn’t touch the book (though I did tell him to read it prior to the movie coming out. I’ll just blame the fact that he’s an engineering student? ^^) and really enjoyed the movie. Even now after watching it, he still doesn’t feel as if he needs to read the books. Mind you, he did have that feeling after watching The Hunger Games, so what does that say? I’m not going to imply that they followed the books to the letter, but that something I’m going to try to talk about a little more in on of my upcoming posts.


A lot of the critics do compare THG and Divergent, which I feel is not completely honest. Right, both books/stories deal with a dystopian reality and harbour a strong female protagonist but for me that’s just about where the similarities end. Tris is nothing like Katniss and their realities are certainly not the same.

Oh, and the actors? I absolutely love their choice of Theo James playing Four, just as I really like Shailene Woodly as Tris. She’s not your typical beauty, which is something I can really appreciate in movies like this. I recently watched her play in the Spectacular Now and was blown away by her talent, so it’s nice to see her again in a completely different movie. By the way, soon she’ll also be in The Fault in our Stars so it’s not just me that can’t get enough. We’ll be hearing more about her, no doubt.


Anyways, just a quick post to let you know: yes, Divergent is definitely worth the 10 euros to go watch it in theatres. DO IT. ^^

Veronica Roth – Divergent Trilogy


I’ve been asked a couple of times now if I could recommend some other books. If you like The Hunger Games and the Maze Runner, this series is one for you. The coolest thing? You can read’em and then look forward to the movie-version coming out this year. For some reason, I always like that as an extra incentive to read a book. It must be good if they put it into a movie, right? I’ve read this a while ago, when the series wasn’t even finished, but now, there’s three books. Did I get you curious? Read on, I’d say!

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