My little London-guide.

Hi guys!

So, you might be over all this London stuff by now, but well. I love it, and a lot of people around me are planning a citytrip. I thought I’d share my favourite spots, just to give some ideas of what to do, and what to see in this beautiful city. I don’t pretend to be an expert, so don’t expect some crazy suggestions. It’s just a guideline for some of you who haven’t been to this amazing city.

Anyway, let’s do this!I love shopping, and I love culture. I’m gonna try to give y’all a sweet mix of both, so everyone can have a bit of fun.

* Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben.


I presume this one speaks for itself. Take the underground to the Westminster station, and be amazed when you exit the train. If you want to take some stunning pictures, cross the bridge over the Thames, and walk down the stairs to get you on the walkway next to the river. It will give you the most perfect view of the entire structure and if you’re in luck, you’ll be able to catch a bit of sun and rest in the middle of a buzzing city.

* Tower of London and Tower Bridge

This is another favourite of mine. We didn’t get a chance of visiting the Tower this time, but next time for sure! I am a avid reader (as y’all know by know) and I love reading about the Tudors, and the rest of the English Royal history. I don’t know what it is about that history that has this pull on me, but I just love it. The cool thing about the Tower? All the things that happened there. Cool maybe isn’t the right word, but for me it gives me chills, to stand in the castle and just know about all the centuries of important stuff happening there.

Another plus? You can visit the English crown jewels, which are really fun to see. Also. One of the biggest diamonds in the world. Oink?

* Covent Garden


This used to be a fruit and vegetables market, but it has been upgraded to being so much more. There’s a lot of cute and cool pubs and restaurants, and I can really recommand Carluccio’s for lunch. At any given time, you’ll find street performers and music.

In this district, beautylovers can really go all out. Bare Minerals, MAC, Benefit, all of those have a shop around Covent Garden.


* Notting Hill

For me, a big part of my interest in this place is because of the movie. It’s cute to see, but don’t expect too much because it’s mostly just a very cosy street with vintage stores and coloured homes. If you have the time, it’s really worth the time, but maybe this one is more interesting to do on a second visit (because, seriously. After one time in London, you’ll be hooked!).

* Camden Town


I love this. You get out of the underground onto the main street, filled with punk stores, tattooshops and all kinds of alternative looks. There’s a load of shoe shops (like, a buttload), mostly carrying sneakers. When you walk in the direction of Camden Lock, you’ll get to the old horses stables, and this is what I like most. The old stables have been converted, so that every little part has its own little store. A lot of handmade stuff, things from other countries and food. Asian, Italian, whatever you like, Camden has is.

* St. Paul’s Cathedral


This is one of the prettiest churches, well, cathedral, you’ll find around London. The neighbourhood is amazing, especially when the weather’s good. You can walk from there to the Milennium Bridge (which the Harry Potter fans will recognize as the bridge being destroyed by the dementors in the movies), and to Tate Modern.

The inside is really fun as well. It has a whispering gallery which is great to test out. I’m amazed by things like these, especially when you remember when these constructions were built. For those who don’t know what a whispering gallery is: a whispering gallery is usually a circular, hemispherical, elliptical or ellipsoidal enclosure, often beneath a dome or a vault, in which whispers can be heard clearly in other parts of the gallery (Thanks, Wikipedia!).

* Trafalgar Square and the National Portrait Gallery

This is one more for those who love history and culture. Trafalgar Square is an amazing open space in the centre of London, with a large fountain in the middle. or kinda in the middle. Or maybe not at all in the middle? Anyway. There’s a giant fountain. The National Portrait Gallery has a free entrance (gifts are appreciated). Some of the biggest, most famous paintings can be found here, and even some of the ‘Vlaamse Groten’ are hanging from the walls. I love wandering through paintings in places like these, again because of how history is represented. I’m always amazed by how detailed some of the works are, and to think that they were painted so many hundreds of years ago? Chills!

* Shopping

I think most will know this, but: Regent Street and Oxford Street are the places to be if you want to spend some money. Do know that a lot of the fancy chain stores such as Victoria’s Secret or Abercrombie and Fitch aren’t on these streets themselves. Victoria’s Secret can be found on New Bond Street, A&F in Burlington Gardens. Make sure that if there’s a specific store you wanna go, to look up where it’s located. Same thing with for example Liberty’s.

Knightsbridge is another hotspot you shouldn’t miss out on. Harrod’s and Harvey Nichols are located here, as well as some of the chain stores such as H&M.

King’s Road is a supercute and cosy little shopping street, that if you have some time left, really should get a looksie. It doesn’t get a lot of loving online, but it’s the kind of street you’d see in movies that take place in London. It’s the typical little movie street.

Just by the way: If you love books as much as I do, make sure to stop by Waterstone’s. Our three days were so chockfull of stuff, that I didn’t get the chance to stop by, but they always have some good deals. The one on Picadilly is the biggest bookstore of Europe, so I’m pretty sure that everyone will find what they’re looking for there.

If the weather turns out to be shite, you can always spend a day in one of the two Westfield malls. There’s one in Shepherd’s Bush, and one in Stratford City. Most of the stores are the same in both shopping centers, except for Stratford where there’s a VS, and SB where you can find Kate Spade and Inglot.


I think this is it for now. If I think of anymore things, I’ll make sure to update the post, but I think you’ll be able to fill a couple of days with these tips so far.

Hopefully you’ll get some inspiration from this post, and euhm. Enjoy London! 😉 Have an amazing day.