The chicken or the egg? My take on adaptations.

WARNING: Long post! ^^

This discussion is as old as time. Well, not time obviously but sometimes a little exaggeration is in order. It is a thing close to my heart, not just because I was a linguistics student. I did have a class though concerning literature and media, but since we had like the most abstract assignment ever for that one, I kinda blocked the whole experience. Stephanie and abstract does not mix well. I do remember that I my assignment concerned Tintin (Kuifje) and how the comics translated onto the screen, especially seeing how it was being filmed by an American and not a Belgian/European. I talked about cultural differences and how they adapted the script in such a way that America wouldn’t be offended (because in all honesty… America gets offended easily. I’m sorry. But changing an ending of a movie because they died in the book? For realises?) and as a result would be more popular.


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