Twitter-find: Shakespeare Lyrics

Soms heb je zo van die dingen. You just stumble upon it and then you realize you might just have found brilliance. Dit had ik gisteren. Geen idee hoe ik er terecht kwam, maar ineens zat ik door de timeline van Shakespeare Lyrics te scrollen. Ik kon jullie dit ni onthouden. ^^


Fireflieeees. Owl City, quoted in the language of the master. Ik weet niet wat het is, de eerste is grappig, maar wacht tot je er een paar gelezen hebt. Or euhm. Is that just me?


Nay, nay, nay. ^^ Amy Winehouse, Shakespeare-fied.


How about you guys giving it a go? ^^


This one had me almost falling out of bed. Love it.


Increase the altitude of thy hand, y’all. Whoop whoop.


Whenever I hear someone yell “Stop”, I don’t know if it’s in the Name of Love, it’s Hammer Time, or if I should Collaborate & Listen…


Yes, perhaps, doth so.

I have no clue why I find this so amusing. Kan goed zijn dat’k hier alleen in ben, but well. It’s called the Lumos Diaries, so I’m allowed to post stuff y’all might find stupid? ^^

Have a nice day! ✨