VS – Ultra-moisturizing Hand and Body Cream.

I’ve shown this hand cream in a few passing posts. Then I realized: I’ve never reviewed this beauty! Be warned though. Some may already have seen this one coming, BUT I AM VERY ENTHOUSIASTIC ABOUT IT. And in the case of full disclosure: this is not the only tube I own. I have two -or is it three? Let me check! Nope, two. – other scents of this glorious stuff.


My absolute favourite of the bunch? The Secret Charm scent. Jasmine and Honeysuckle aka best mix ever. I don’t know who ever decided to get those two together but well done, my friend, well done. I’m not the only one who adores this scent, sadly enough. I wanted to get the perfume-version (I already owned the body mist), but I was sold out in both the VS shops in London. Insert sadface. Next best thing than. A back up of the body spray and the ultra-moisturizing hand and body cream.


I might be slightely biased because I love the jasminy scent so much, but it does what it’s supposed to. Would I call it ultra-moisturizing? Maybe not entirely. I would have gone with just moisturizing hand and body cream. That way expectations wouldn’t be quite as high as ultra makes them. It’s something in between. When you use it as body cream, it really moisturizes the skin. It feels silky soft and easily absorbs into the skin.

For my hands? It’s good for during the day, when I just want that little extra, but during wintertime, when it’s cold out, I need a little bit more.



Cuuute packaging always gets me. ^^ If you are in London (or maybe at the AirPort in Zaventem or Amsterdam!) make sure to check out the fragrances and bodycare. It’s good stuff, and most of the time they have promo’s on the scented things. Me likey!

What’s your favourite scent? Is there something you love as much as I love jasmine and honeysuckle? ^^

Have a great day! ✨

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